Friday, February 19, 2010

a big hello

I just wanted to take a moment and give a big hello to all who have been following this blog. I have been enjoying this creative outlet immensely... a place without hard and fast rules, grade reports, or obligation. I was looking at the Traffic Map and Feed in my sidebar and I love how there are visitors who pop in from all over the globe. Wish I could visit all those places and maybe even share a cup of tea. :) I remember as a child having pen pals from all over the world. There was nothing more exciting than receiving a hand written letter with a foreign stamp on it. I had the privilege of meeting some of my pen pals years later and it was the most thrilling thing. Now that we're in the internet age, I've lost the art of the written letter.... I can barely even read my own handwriting. But the beauty of cyber communication is that it's instant and as such, I have been able to keep in touch with more people and never have to use the phone... which is great because I hate chatting on the phone anyway. And computers and blogging is a portal of adventure for me... I can see how an emergency service worker in Australia does his job, or how an aid nurse works with all her heart in the Africas... all without having to hop on a plane. It has made my world bigger, and more enriched.

So, feel free to post a comment, say hello, or share your favourite blogs. I love this planet.... it's just one big amazing melting pot of people and ideas. xo


  1. I too can't read my own handwriting for nuts, and had to tell my son's teacher that. :D

    Hello to you too! Been a silent reader for quite awhile.

  2. Hi Mott :)

    I am loving your blog!!!