Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ready for fire

It's the eve of my return to work... tomorrow I head to Training and to Headquarters for the remainder of the week to play around with the trucks and hoses and go over any new medical protocol and policies and procedures and work out the cobwebs. I should be asleep right now but it feels like it's the night before Christmas and I am too excited to sleep. Maiya is tucked in bed at my parents' house tonight, and my husband is working overtime, so I had my favourite little boy all to myself. Jacob was all too pleased as well not having to compete against his sister for attention. As we often do when it's just the two of us, we headed to our favourite local little restaurant for dinner and then like the good mother that I am, I put him to work. ;) He pulled out my fire gear and washed out my facepiece, snapped on my suspenders, sorted my fire gloves from my extrication gloves, and tried everything on for size. He was pretty excited since I normally don't let him try on my gear since it can be contaminated and I keep it at work but no worries this time since we all received brand spanking new threads to meet NFPA standards.

I have had an amazing year off. Since Maiya is our last baby, I've really soaked in all those delicious baby moments. I remember when I went back to work after my maternity leave was over with Jacob I was absolutely freaked out. But this time around I know what to expect and although I am now on a different platoon, which means getting to know the nuances of working with a new crew, I am excited. There is something energizing about new beginnings even if it means something else is ending. I am grateful for the support that I get with the people I work with, and the support I get from my family at home. I would not have the life I have or be where I am without them.

Do not pinch me. xo


  1. Hey there! Wishing you all the best as you get back out there! If you thought time flew then, wait 'till it hits you now that the insanity grows a little tougher! I sometimes forget pockets of time, and I'd give anything to slo it down. Funny how that works.

    Anyways, amazing pic of you in cfto wod for tomorrow! Holy hard work and good on ya! You shud be able to kick ass in that firehouse :)

    Hope to see you soon, catch up in the hood...maybe swirl again? We'll try and organize!

    G'nite, you are a lovely person to know.

    :) viki

  2. good luck lady!
    you look fab (cfto website) and will rock that fire house!
    swirl is a must...celebrations are in order! perhaps a post christmas ladies night...when all the festive craziness dies down.

  3. thanks so much for the well-wishes ladies! xo
    he he... just checked out the cfto website and that picture cracks me up.... the only place in the world where I can dress like a dork and be a sweaty mess and get away with it. And holy crap... push up sports bras do wonders for the boobs... lol.. xo