Thursday, December 24, 2009

PETA folks... don't look here

Ok. I might get some flak for posting this but I thought I'd share anyway. I love crafts. I knit, I sew, and these days I've been feeling more adventurous and will be embarking on a hand sewn pair of mukluks. I have some nice moosehide that will be quite nice to work with and I'll trim with beads I think. My most recently completed project is a coyote fur ruff for my husand's coat. I don't know why NorthFace makes such a crummy synthetic ruff on such an expensive coat. So, I got hold of a coyote pelt and ta da! It's soooo lush! And my husand loves it.

I've also been meaning to post these pics for my pal north of 60. Introducing........ my Norwegian Blue Fox pelt!

And blocked and stretched out and ready to cut. (Coyote was done the same way but of course forgot to take the before pictures). Fox is even yummier than coyote!

Next fall, if we ever move into a house with a yard, I hope to tan a moosehide that I can get from the firefighters that go hunting. Tanning is a big, stinky, messy and labour intensive job but how cool would that be! Now before those animal cruelty comments start flooding in, I'd like to state that I am a lover of Mother Nature and all her creatures. I love animals. Especially small ones lightly grilled. And big ones served next to a side of mashed potatoes.


  1. holy cow, that is one fluffy fur! and that is excellent pimping!! might be starting something, before you know it, he'll be asking for mitts and boots..ask me how i know! lol

  2. sweet eh? And it's only a 3 inch strip! I love,love,love this coyote pelt.... I love it more than the fox fur I think and price wise it's much cheaper... but on my amauti I don't like the colour so much..... so I might stick with blue fox... haven't decided yet though....

    next job is mukluks for moi.....just waiting on some sheepskin boot liners since I don't like the felt ones as much since I go barefoot in my boots...I hate socks!