Monday, December 28, 2009

getting close

Well, Thursday I'm back on the trucks! Since my shift was working today and daycare is closed for the holidays I thought I'd bring him in to help me get settled in to my lockers and say hello to my new crew. It also helps for him to see where I work so he understands when I am not home. And he was in his glory when one of the firemen gave him a thick slab of raisin toast smothered in peanut butter. He was so thrilled he nearly forgot about the firetrucks... but once he remembered there was no stopping him.

We left at 5 pm and he fell asleep during the drive home. I carried him up to bed and he's still asleep... With all the holiday excitement this week plus this trip to the fire station I think he's just tuckered out. I'm pretty sure he'll stay asleep till morning.

And on a completely unrelated topic, Maiya having a bad hair day.

Kind of what my own hair looks like after I take my helmet off.


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