Thursday, April 29, 2010

no references needed

There are some firefighters I work with who are on the brink of retirement. And this, breaks my heart. Because not only will I miss them terribly but a wealth of experience, knowledge and history will go with them. Some of the old timers have been on the job as long as I've been alive and can still wield an axe like there's no tomorrow and understand the fire ground like Einstein understands physics. These are the men who drove stick shift fire trucks, wore the tall rubber boots and long coats into a fire and knew it was time to get the hell out when their family jewels were starting to roast.

Some of the guys are set to fly south and have their retirements all planned out. Others are just taking their time to figure out the next phase of their life. I have, in somewhat seriousness, asked a few if they wanted to be my children's 'manny'. Hey, what's a busy mom to do? Who better to help babysit my kids than people I work with and trust and who can cook and know first aid? Besides, Jacob adores firemen. At least I got a few laughs out of the guys. Being a manny would keep them active and fit chasing after my kids and beats mall walking that's for sure.

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