Monday, April 26, 2010

effin pissed

I am so mad and heartbroken right now..... yup... if you've read yesterday's post, seems that one of my fears has come true...... hair gone bad....

My husband thought it was ok to take Jacob to the barber's and get an effin CREW CUT!!!!!!!! On a three and a half year old? So now Jacob looks like a cross between a Shaolin Monk and a soldier.

I could cry.

I DID cry.

I know it's just hair but have always loved Jacob's shiny locks and now it's a centimetre long if at that. I can't even bear to post a picture and I have no idea how long it will take to grow out. It's going to look like crap for awhile. Heaven help my husband if he ever decides to take Maiya for a haircut. At least Jacob is happy.... the barber gave him a lollipop.

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