Tuesday, April 20, 2010

busted :)

I was on shift yesterday which means my husband was home with the kids on his own. That usually means a simple dinner or more often than not, Vietnamese take-out food from our favourite little place. It's nutritious and beats Kraft Dinner anyday. Jacob can finish an adult serving of beef noodle soup. Maiya however has been picking at her food these days because it hurts her to chew.... teething has been tough on her. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when hubby sent me the 'picture of the day' update to me of Maiya. Apparently, as he was getting J into his jammies, and Maiya was supposedly playing in her room, she climbed up to seat herself at the dining table (which is a bit scary since our chairs are tippy and our floors are concrete and M's balance isn't great yet) and started helping herself to Daddy's dinner. All he could hear from the other room was M saying "mmmmm.... mmmmmmmmm" so when he came to investigate, half his grilled lemongrass beef dinner was gone... including the spicy carrots. lol