Monday, April 5, 2010

my easter bunny wears an apron

Well, goes to show that you don't have to do an Easter weekend to have a great time. We've all been pretty tired recovering from colds and my throat is still so sore that if I could rip out my tonsils myself I would.. but I digress. We decided to go really low key. I worked the Good Friday and Easter Sunday shift so my husband was on his own with the kids. Now call us mean, but we didn't do anything Eastery... no candies, no chocolates, no bunny ears... nada.... (my kids on sugar equals BAD BAD news) and Maiya and Jacob had a grand old time just hanging out with Daddy enjoying the mild weather we've been having.

One thing that my husband always does when I am working is send me a 'picture of the day' of the kids to let me know how their day is going. Here's yesterday's:

The best thing about this pic apart from the children's smiley faces is that I noticed how spic and span the house was!!! Thanks honey!!!!!!

Now before you think I'm a killjoy depriving them of Easter treats, there will be a big Easter Egg hunt at daycare today using little toys and stickers instead of candy. And because my husband already cleaned the house and did the laundry while I was at work, I will be sleeping the rest of the day away and try and get rid of this cold once and for all.

So even though this is the most boring post in the world, it's a post nonetheless. Happy Easter everyone! And thanks to my husband for all your hard work this weekend. xo

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