Saturday, May 1, 2010

my beautiful boy

It's the simplest of things that make me smile. Today was special to me in the fact that it was just me and Jacob for a few hours. Maiya was napping at my parents' house and it was a gorgeous sunny day so Jacob and I walked to the local mall to buy him a sticker book and some new sneakers. To walk hand in hand with my little guy chatting away beside me was comforting and familiar. As much as I love both my children, I crave alone time with my oldest since Maiya, being the baby, has demanded more attention, and Jacob, always the understanding child, found ways to be busy with Daddy. I love the fact that my husband has been so hands on with the children, but I often find myself envious of not being able to give Jacob the attention he needs and deserves as well. So days like today mean the world to me. I don't realize till we spend time together like this how much I really miss him. He, like all children, is growing up much too fast.

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