Thursday, October 8, 2009

happy anniversary

Between diaper changes and dinner duty, and our overall crazy busy lives, my husband completely forgot our wedding anniversary. You'd think I'd give him crap for forgetting but the truth is, I did too. Not only did I forget our anniversary, I have forgotten the date we were married. It was either October 3/04 or October 4/03. I think it was the latter but I will have to look at an old wedding invite or something to make sure. We lived together for a few years before getting married so it's a bit of a blur. The last time we celebrated our anniversary we were in Venice, Italy and we stayed on the nearby island of Murano, where I sat and watched glass blowers for hours on end. It was the year before Jacob was born. Since we've had children, we don't get out much. But that is more by choice. The children are small for such a short period of time that we're trying to drink it all in. If I look back on our wedding day, apart from the birth of my children and getting the phone call that I was hired on the fire department, it was one of the best days of my life. I am not the easiest person to be married to and I thank my lucky stars my husband has always been incredibly patient with me on my sleep deprived grumpy days and is always an incredibly hands-on father. He is ready to jump in like the cavalry on the days I am slowly going crazy with the children, when I'm pulling out the increasing and alarming number of grey hairs on my head. So, nope, we didn't do anything this year but I think the 'celebration' is living life one day at a time, getting through the ups and downs as a working married couple with young children, and keeping our sanity through it all. This to me is worth more than a fancy dinner in a snooty restaurant. As I type this I can hear my husband reading Jacob a bedtime story in his best Lowly the Worm voice and Jacob giggling softly. I think this is how our love grows... steadily and sometimes even shakingly as we both raise our children.

Now for a walk down memory lane:

Doesn't this picture make us look so young and un-tired?

Happy belated Anniversary. I'll try to remember next year once I figure out what day it was. xo


  1. happy belated anniversary, love the pic, yes you guys look "un-tired"

  2. LOL.... thanks...... maybe we'll sleep again when the kids go away to college........ but by then we'll be