Thursday, July 5, 2012


Some days I am at a complete loss as to how to parent.  There are moments when my children simply defy me. I suppose this is what children are supposed to do, challenge their mothers once in awhile but I tell you, when it does happen, it can be simply infuriating.  Jacob is usually the model child but when I ask him to do something mundane like take a bath after playing in the dirt all day, or change his shirt after he's wiped his nose or mouth on his sleeve for the umpteenth time, he will shout 'no! never!' and run away knowing I can't catch him. Sigh.  Boys like to be and stay dirty. It's good for them I suppose.  I can't really complain because he rarely gives me any trouble and the former examples are basically the extent of him challenging me which is really no biggie......Maiya on the other hand...... ... upon being challenged, stands square in front of me,  arms by her side slightly flexed as if she were about to quickdraw, looks up at me through her messy bangs with furrowed brows.  I don't know what to do.... except stare her down like an alpha dog. And she will stare back, holding my gaze with barely a waver. I cannot blame her for inheriting this strong-willed gene that has been passed down through the generations of women in my family.  The apple does not fall far from the tree.... Today, when she wouldn't stop messing around and torturing her brother with antics at the dinner table, I locked my gaze on her, giving my best attempt at the 'alpha dog' stare. She wouldn't budge or avert her eyes. I knew I was going to blink or laugh or lose this moment of power play.  So I did what any good mother would do:  I stuck my tongue out at her and walked away.  Maiya was so surprised she finished her food while Jacob was in peals of laughter. I guess I'm not so alpha after all. ;)


  1. I think it's tougher for mothers with their daughters, and for fathers with their sons. Probably just how it works out. Tough sometimes for sure!

    I really liked your "rules" for men and women in a previous post. Rule #2 is the tougher one for me to follow!

  2. Hey Boris! :)
    Yeah, my daughter can be a handful. Lol. But I have only me to blame for that. Haha. She is my daughter after all. Love her to bits though.... She's got moxy!

    Hope your training is going great. I've had to switch gears for a bit because of injuries which is why I'm climbing these days. :)

  3. Climbing is great. My son loves climbing and might join a local team if we can swing the $$.