Sunday, July 29, 2012

my dream home

Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to live in a teepee.  And I've been dreaming about it these days more and more....

I think I will have to find a little parcel of land so I can live in a tee pee at least part time.  To have my children scamper barefoot through the woods as I stoke the fire in the early morning sun would make me so very, very happy..... Just looking at this photo makes my heart catch in my throat.  xo


  1. Sashimi, Sapporo, and pistachio ice cream sound pretty good! Hope things are smoothing out a bit.

    1. Hey there! Yes.... Smoothing out....... I had a marvelous day today actually. :). Sunshine was the cure.
      Thanks for the thoughts...... I wish geographically I could figure out a way to get a workout in with you at your gym. Your squat programs sound insane.

  2. That teepee looks beautiful! Maybe you kept dreaming about it these days because you never lost that little girl inside of you, and now she’s demanding you to find time and make that little dream come true. I say go and look for that little parcel of land where you can build your teepee house. Make it your happy place for you and your children. Levi Ervin

  3. I agree with Levi .We don’t really lose the child inside of us, and that includes the innocent dreams we tend to set aside as we grow up. When the time is right, it haunts us and won’t go away until we do something to make it come true. I wish you good luck in finding that piece of land where you will build your teepee house in. =)

    Erick Bush