Wednesday, June 16, 2010

trouble in paradise

Well, last shift there wasn't a lot of love going around. We were all bickering like an old married couple and I was praying for a huge fire to get us out of the station.

You see, our resident chef decided to go on strike. Seems like he was feeling under appreciated for all the meals he's been cooking.

I don't blame him really even if he can be a kitchen nazi at times (do not ever ever add or alter something to his creations... you will lose your knuckles!). He plans all the meals, makes sure they're healthy and keeps it at a five dollar price point. Some of the guys have been bailing at the last minute and getting Subway Subs or Harvey's. Which means he gets stuck with all the leftover food and then we have to absorb the rest of the cost. Even though I don't blame the chef, I was irked last shift because I was STARVING and looking forward to a great meal and felt like I was being punished even though I have eaten and partaken in every meal without fail. But he said that he couldn't play favourites and had to prove his point this way. We all ended up managing our own meals but it was touch and go for awhile. Hungry troops are not happy people.

I bet you he was feeling like an under appreciated wife. Maybe for tomorrow's shift I will bring him a bouquet of flowers or something to smooth things over. Or at least get him an apron that says "Kiss the Cook".

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