Monday, June 21, 2010

note to self... matter how much in a rush one might be, always, always take the time to make sure you've packed the proper gym attire. I did not and realized all I had were my fave cargo pants that my husband bought for me so I rolled them up and decided to do my workout plan of heavy lift day of front squats.

Bad idea.

Halfway through my workout I literally lost the seat of my pants. A half dozen heads jerked in my direction upon hearing the loud rip. Nonchalantly, I finished my sets even though I was mortified. Thank goodness no one was directly behind me or they would have injured themselves busting a gut laughing. Oh well... it's all in the name of a killer squat. Thank goodness I was wearing my oh-so-modest granny underpants and not a thong.


  1. oh my..that is hilarious!!! "Thank goodness I was wearing my granny underpants".. ROTFLMAO!!!!!

    btw, it was Mt. Kinabalu, in Sabah, Malaysia.

  2. Alice, I miss you!! That is way too funny!!!
    Work those granny pants! Sometimes squatting in a thong is not so cool.