Saturday, March 28, 2009

my sunshine tornado

My husband is working overtime this weekend and today was one of those days I wish I were the one at work. Putting out those fires is easier than the ones at home. I don't know if it's spring fever but Jacob has been a MANIAC all weekend with the atomic energy of a 32 month old. At work, even with the alarms going off there is at least some consistency and rhythm on how the day is going to progress.

With Jacob, on the other hand, I have no idea what bomb is going to go off at any given moment.... he is all boy and will not sit still.... It could be a header off the couch, a million 'just one more times' at the park, jumping, climbing, throwing, too hot, too cold, too little, I want more. Refusing to get in the bath, and then finally getting in and then refusing to get out. Eating all the toothpaste thinking it's the same as brushing. Lost toys and sandwiches cut the wrong way are a crisis. I should just write the word NO in permanent ink across my forehead to save myself from saying it a million times a day but the problem is he can't read yet. Tantrums are always lovely... and oh so loud.... I could stick him on top of the firetruck and he could be the siren for how loud he wails. His lungs could part the Red Sea. Thankfully he doesn't throw tantrums in public.... he just saves them for me at home while I am trying to deal with a massive infant Maiya poo explosion. Speaking of bodily functions... public pee emergencies are a treat. Jacob is out of diapers but when he says he needs to pee he means NOW... which sends me sprinting with babes in tow to a hopefully clean public restroom. If there are none around, we end up using a pee tree.

For all the grey hairs that are sprouting atop my head, I know it's all normal toddler behaviour and this too shall pass.... and I will long for the days when he comes bounding towards me with that reckless energy of a sunshine tornado to give me a hug and say "I love you".

And he's FINALLY asleep now and ohmygosh is he ever cute and angelic and that gives me resolve not to put him on a plane to Nunavut first thing in the morning. He's definitely a kid who could give a polar bear a run for its money.


  1. OMG, yeah he will probably outrun the polar bears. i am actually a little worried, Ben is all boy, non stop and managed to throw the TV remote in the toilet bowl and saying "bye bye"..

  2. lol!!! Jacob probably wouldn't even need to outrun the bears..... his earpiercing tantrum shrieks would scare them all away!!!

    kinda cute what Ben said... at least he didn't flush!!!!!