Wednesday, March 25, 2009

monkey on my back

I doubt I would train as hard as I do if I wasn't a firefighter. But the pressure to stay physically strong is like a monkey on my back.....sadly, according to the stats, menopause is only like a decade or so away for me and I want a long career. So daily runs and hitting the weights is a must for me when I'd rather veg out.

But with the responsibilities of motherhood it is becoming increasingly harder to find the time.

So I do what I can, jog with the stroller, attend the odd mom and baby yoga class, have someone watch the kids when I go to the gym.... But I was lucky enough to discover this when I had Jacob:

Neat eh? I'm wearing an amautik with Jacob riding in it. This particular amautik was made by a woman in Baker Lake, Nunavut. You can see Jacob sitting in the pouch area of the coat... it's very comfortable and I get quite the workout when running errands around town. Beats pushing a stroller through the snow. And a better and much cuter monkey on my back I must say. ;)

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