Saturday, March 21, 2009

going for it

I tend to do things that both excite and terrify me.

So I became a firefighter in 2001 (I was hired right after 9/11) and a mom in 2006. And because I wasn't sleepdeprived enough between the shiftwork and the feedings, I had another baby in 2008.

The other thing that really frightens me is computers. I am a technophobe. 6 year olds know more than I do. I am hopelessly analog although I like to call it old school. I prefer my discman to an ipod. I like handwritten notes instead of text-messaging. This blog is my foray into the computer world.

So yeah... I'm a bit freaked out by this. I am usually intensely protective of my family and like to keep my work at work. But it's about time I get with the times.... I'm going for it.......

So obviously I've been a firefighter and a mom for a few years now so a lot of these postings will be in rephecy or simply as thoughts come into my milk-brain mind. With my 2 1/2 yr. old prince running around with the atomic energy that little boys have and my 4 month old princess hanging off my boob whilst nursing, I crave adult conversation, even if it's just merely to write here.... besides... much more fun than washing diapers or folding the never-ending laundry-pile or figuring out what to cook for dinner......besides..... sitting nicely at a computer is a lot safer than navigating through all the toys strewn over the floor right?

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