Tuesday, January 10, 2012

courage, my love

I could just cry. 

Maiya wept her  big brown eyes  out last night saying 'I want Daddy to come back and live wif us together'.  I rocked and held her sitting cross legged in the laundry room floor silently praying and hoping one day she would understand.

How was I supposed to explain to a barely three-year-old the intricate workings of two grown ups who are trying to find their way?

So instead of saying anything, I just continued to rock her and murmured softly into her tousled hair that she was ok. And that we were all ok. 

But I think those words weren't  so much for her but for me. 

Courage my little Maiya. Courage, my Love. Mama is here and I love you. 


  1. wow..been away from the blogworld for a while..and just catching up reading on your posts. You look so amazing, Ms. October.

    I hope Maiya will understand, one day, it is just better this way. Albeit late, happy new 2012!! Take care

  2. Happy New Year to you too! So good to hear from you!

    peace and blessings