Friday, August 13, 2010

more bad news

Last night we had what I think is one of the most horrible of calls: a hanging. When you get that call at 4 am your brain is having a tough time processing and you end up with a gruesome image of the scene as you brace yourself for what you're actually about to experience. I rode in the back of the truck prepared to cut the rope down with the utility knife I always carry in my bunker pants. Thankfully, police had already done that before we arrived so we got to work with the paramedics doing compressions. We got a pulse back after the first round of drugs and patient was whisked to hospital. Not sure if he made it. Not sure if I want to find out. Just hoping my next call is a happy call but frankly, what are the chances of that? People don't call 911 because they're having a great day. Maybe one day I'll get a call to deliver a baby. It would sure be nice to see a life enter this world instead of seeing someone exit it.


  1. Hi Alice,
    I haven't been here in a while. Been a crazy busy summer but I just sent out shout out to your blog before I actually got to this entry.
    You know, you're a superb writer.
    I'm still crying over this one.

  2. Oh... I miss you terribly Jo! xo
    Thanks for tuning into the blog and sorry if this post made you sad. :( Life is strange and wonderful and tough and amazing all at the same time. Hopefully one day soon we can meet up in Paris... xo