Monday, October 3, 2011

so far so good

Well, 7 hours into my first shift and so far so good. The guys here are super and made me feel completely welcome. The Platoon Chief and District Chief came down and handed me my stripes, new helmet plaques, and notebook:
I was mildly mortified at all the attention. One of my new crewmates said 'Drink it up girl. You earned and deserve this moment'. I didn't realize how big a step in my career this was until other crews we bumped into at calls started giving me handshakes, hi fives and hugs. I can't tell you how special these small gestures have made me feel. Well, I can I suppose. These small gestures made me feel like one of the boys and I think being a woman in a man's world, this means more to me than you can possibly imagine. :) I couldn't have done it without some really great leadership and people backing me.

No one pinch me.

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  1. Good for you, keep your head high because you DO deserve this.