Monday, September 27, 2010


I've started my holidays... three weeks to be exact. And while I'd love to say I'm going to Fiji or somewhere exotic, the truth is I'm at home holding the front. While it is a great time to really connect with my family without the interruption of shifts, I am missing the sound of the sirens already. Am I weird? Or just simply in love with what I do? I think I am one of those oddballs that considers work a vacation.... I get to splash around with water, have gourmet meals cooked for me... and the bunks aren't all that lumpy. And while I don't get to wear a bikini, I don't mind at all because this post partum body looks way better in a uniform than in two tiny pieces of spandex. I guess these holidays are good for me. It will force me to slow down (ha! she says since there is always a ton to do around the house), and hit the books and the gym and romp with the kids and maybe squeeze in my husband here or there.... lol.


  1. you're kidding me? Your body doesn't look good?? I am shaking my head in disbelief. DISBELIEF GRRL!

    It's nice to have a vacation. Being a SAHM and WAHAN (WORK AT HOME AT NIGHT) mom (heh - I made that acronym up), I rarely get a chance to slow down. But last Sunday, I found one hour of nothingness, but snuggling in bed with my two youngest boys, and had the shades down, and played torchlight games with them. That was a surreal feeling..because I never ever did such a lazy thing like that before.

    So..laze your two tiny pieces of spandex. I'm sure no one will complain. :D

  2. LOL.... nooooooo. No spandex for me. My boobs have dropped too far south and it would take more than spandex to hold them up. ;)