Saturday, November 14, 2009

when I grow up.

As a parent, I sometimes wonder what my children will want to be when they grow up. It never dawned on me to become a firefighter until I was 30 years old and had many jobs and several careers that led me to where I am today. Youth is a perfect time to explore....

Will Jacob be a construction worker?

Or a team mascot?

Perhaps a car jockey?

Or a cross dressing ladder operator?

Who knows? I don't care what he wants to do as long as he is deep down happy and isn't living in my basement when he's 35.

Maiya is 2 years younger than her big brother thus has had less time to explore career options. One thing I do know for sure though....

She is a ham.

And she already has the requisite skills to become a great plumber.


  1. OMG! this is so hilarious and adorable...I'm killing my gut laughing at the 'ass' shot! it will come in handy some day when she's around 16 and gets crazy ideas!!!

    so often when i'm reading your stories, i don't feel like i live vicariously...i AM living all the same things, good & bad.

    LOVE IT! Hope we can do wine evening again...and HEY, are you in a commercial btw? swear i it was you on a roger's ad...if not, you got yourself a doppelganger!

    g'nite :)

  2. nope... t'wasn't me... ;)

    And YES YES YES..... let's get the gals together..... the sooner the better! xo

  3. but were you in a canadian tire ad for "the shark" mop?! cuz i went right up to the screen and AM POSITIVE it was you. if have a twin!

    i think maiya has the makings (cutie bumm!) of a very talented plumber!

    did someone say wine and gal gossip! let's make it happen!

  4. canadian tire... uhm........ nope... t'wasn't me either..... uhm.... ok.... maybe it was..... or not.... lol

    I'm in for a gal pal party....... let's do it before the holiday season gets stoopid crazy...

  5. Then it's official! You have a twin out there. And best we get Maita a new hobby and career potential, cyz your hubby will surely die before his time if she's 18 and sporting that ass shot in public! At the very least, he will go prematurely grey!!!

  6. ok...seriously need to watch my typing so early in the am and that blasted blackberry!! Maita sb Maiya! cyz sb cuz!!!

    can you tell what i do while i drink my coffee and psyche myself up for the class???

    hahahaha!! :) viki