Monday, November 23, 2009

RX for when you're in a funk

There are some days I look in the mirror and just shake my head. I have dark circles under my eyes, unplucked eyebrows that would give Einstein a run for his money, crowsfeet that look more like teradactyl feet, and my soccer-mom haircut is greasy and increasingly going grey. No matter how precisely applied, no amount of make-up can save me. When I start feeling down, that's when I head for a workout. During that one hour, I can forget about whatever is ailing me and just focus on how great it feels to move. And breathe. And for a few moments I feel like I can conquer the world.

For those of you who haven't, ya'll seriously have to try Crossfit.
It's so much damn fun. Thanks for the pic, Paul. It will remind me that I am not the frenzied mama mess that I am during the other 23 hours of the day. Just don't look too closely at my legs in the picture..... I haven't had the time to shave them in weeks.


  1. dont be too hard on yourself, i gained 8 bloody pounds when i was away, i am still trying to lose the 17lbs i gained with Ben..its irritating! i am going to get a bike trainer and start biking again.

  2. thanks Aida! xoxo

    vacations are never great for staying in shape but I'm glad you had a great time.... hope it wasn't Mimi's that contributed lol!

    biking sounds fun although I am guessing it will be indoors?


  3. yeah, its too bloody hilly here anyways, i think i might be panting just cycling for 5 minutes till i get back in shape. omg, yes mimi did contribute! and then of course we got enough asian groceries to open a small mini we've been eating asian ever since we got home and that is about 3 weeks ago!