Tuesday, May 21, 2013

letting go

I have decided to finally live in a conscious loving relationship. Which is something I have never done before in a romantic relationship my entire life. Not even during my marriage which led to my subsequent divorce.  I was a master of self-sabotage which befuddles me somewhat but also makes perfect sense to those who know me and who know what has wounded me deeply in the past.  But to continue living a self-protective arms-length distance from love just doesn't serve me anymore. So here I go world. And here I go Mike. I'm here. I'm present. My heart is wide open. And I thank you for your strength, your patience, and of course, your love.


  1. Congratulations - Hope things are going well for you and yours!

  2. Thanks Boris. It's been an amazing, thought-provoking time. I hope to get back on here more. Life has been so busy and ramping up for my Captain's exam next year.

    Hope all is well.